American flamingo © Lisa Marun 2019

American flamingo. © Lisa Marun 2019

A Lorax for American Flamingos

Like many of the unique characters in Dr. Seuss’ books that are not ashamed to celebrate themselves, the American flamingo stands out—on one leg—like a large neon sign with its bright pinkish-coral coloring.






Rockhopper penguin posing on New Island. © Lisa Marun

Rockhopper penguin on New Island. © Lisa Marun

The Falkland Islands: History and Biodiversity

Fuzzy stories of  ‘discovery’ by Europeans. Fierce and bitter squabbling between various nations. Wondrous, unique wildlife and landscapes. 

Enjoy this journey into the history and nature of the Falkland Islands. 





Peace. © Lisa Marun

Peace. © Lisa Marun

Opposite to the North: Earth’s Final Frontier

It’s hard to say what draws us to visit the ends of the earth—the reasons are many, and they are at times contradictory. If you have any interest in science, history, adventure, or wildlife, you’ll be surprised at how quickly Antarctica will bring you under its enchanting spell.

See images of some special moments and awe-inspiring vistas, and read about what Darwin called ‘the most natural of continents’—a land of numbing cold, stormy waters, blue ice, and spectacular life forms. 



Baby W2461. © Lisa Marun

SeaWorld Rescue

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment may be in need of rescue, but one of the oldest aspects of this company involves their extension of a lifeline to marine wildlife in need of rescue and rehabilitation. Read about the work of SeaWorld’s rescue teams, and about how the San Diego team helps sick and injured California sea lions.




Elephant Seal Head Scratch © 2018 Lisa Marun

© 2018 Lisa Marun

It’s Northern Elephant Seal Pupping Season!

The life of a northern elephant seal is filled with challenges and dangers. Learn about how it all begins at the Piedras Blancas rookery in San Simeon, California.







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